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5 reasons you can clean up with an automotive valeting franchise!
Looking for an affordable franchise opportunity with low overheads, a massive untapped marketplace and real job satisfaction? You could do worse than consider a mobile valeting franchise
As a 'man and a van' business, ideally you will be operating from a smartly liveried, fully equipped vehicle and should have no need for business premises. You don't need staff either - although if you are determined to develop your business into a multi-van operation, with support from your franchisor, the opportunity will most likely be available to you. Business costs include running your vehicle and purchasing your products, so you don't need to worry about high overheads.
With around 32 million cars on the road in the UK, the pool of potential customers is huge. At present the marketplace is fragmented with hardly any professional, organised companies providing reliable, high quality mobile valeting services. However, PCC have a targeted approach to ensure maximum return for franchisees.
PCC franchisees find that competitors tend either to be large static valeting operations, unable to offer flexibility and convenience of service to the customer, or self styled sole traders who turn up in a white van, scruffily dressed. In contrast when a well-trained, uniformed franchisee arrives in a liveried van and provides professional, high quality valets using specially developed products, there's really no contest.
It's no secret that a satisfied customer is a business's best salesperson and in a market where real quality of service is difficult to find, customers tend to be loyal to trusted suppliers, using them regularly and recommending them to others. This is particularly important in these challenging economic times. Valeting is a business concept based on regular, repeat custom, which means you can expect a reliable and growing income stream.
PCC franchisees provide regular valeting services both to individual motorists and local businesses, who typically require valeting services on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Accordingly, most of our franchisees have pretty full order books for several weeks - if not months - ahead, and fill any gaps with impromptu customers.
One of the biggest advantages of a valeting franchise is the flexibility and independence that comes with working for yourself. Organising your time is down to you, which means that work can be juggled effectively with family and leisure commitments. It's a very satisfying business too. The sight of a freshly cleaned, highly polished car puts a smile on most customers' faces and invariably you'll be paid on completion of the job, so you do not have to worry about unpaid bills and extended credit.
Another unexpected benefit is that a valeting business will help you keep fit, shed pounds and tone up! It's a fairly physical activity and many of our PCC franchisees have been transformed within a matter of months - some even running marathons for the first time!
5. WASH 'N' GO!
In summary, if you love cars and enjoy being outdoors rather than chained to a desk; if you are also a practical person with strong people skills, a valeting franchise could be just the opportunity for you. Whether you want to build a large business, or retain the flexibility of operating on your own, starting up is very affordable indeed - at PCC we give you everything you need, including full training and support, from only £9,995 plus VAT. With great rewards and low costs, you really could clean up!
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Historically, banks have been a major source of small business funding. Their principal role has been as short-term lender; banks generally have been reluctant to offer long-term loans to small firms.

One easy way to borrow money from a bank is to set up a line of credit. In order to do so though, you must have sufficient personal collateral. Typically, this collateral is in the form of home equity. If you default on the loan, banks need a way to recoup their losses.

They also know that, with something like your home on the line, there is significant assurance that you'll do your utmost to succeed.

If banks won't give you what you need, consider a commercial 
finance franchise company. Finance companies typically advance funds based on a percentage of a firm's assets, and cash is turned over to the lender to pay down the loan when that business's receivables are paid. Along with higher fees, finance companies usually require rigorous reporting of key aspects of business operation.

Franchising in the UK has seen a boom in the last 2 years, not every industry is affected by the credit crunch and with many people being made redundant they are looking towards the franchise industry to buy themselves into a job.  This is good news in a number of ways but unlike setting up business on your own does not fully support the local economy.  For example, if a prospective franchise buyer was to settle on food franchises such as McDonalds, yes jobs are created but a large proportion of the profit gets taken from the immediate area and placed into the hands of a large multi-national.  Should the prospective franchisee have started his own burger serving joint then all monies would have stayed, although in the bank, in the local area.

The fastest way to start your own business is to franchise. Not only will you save on concept design, copyrights, branding and marketing, you will also have valuable support from a more experienced business people guiding you every step of the way. You do not need a very strong entrepreneurial skill to succeed in the franchise business. All you need are capital and keen managerial sense.
In more layman terms, <a href=""> Information on Franchises</a> is getting a licensed permit from the original owner of a business to build one exactly the original: same products, brand names, look of the store, etc. A franchise fee is paid to the original owner. The franchiser is basically paying for the use of the brand equity and the goodwill generated by the business.
In certain industries, <a href=""> franchises</a> are necessary to ensure a steady supply of necessities to the consuming population. The most common example of a highly-franchised industry is the restaurant business. The reach of these companies spans not only across the United States but across the globe. Franchises enable a brand to grow by leaps and bounds.
Franchises often get extensive support from the business, partly because, the business also gains from the success of its franchises. This is because it cannot afford to let one franchise ruin its corporate reputation.

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